Nearly half a century after his father Shakoor Hasham Patel left Gujarat to start a successful cap manufacturing business in Mumbai, his son Asgar Shakoor Patel with the same thirst for success and passion for hard work made a pivotal journey of his own. He returned from the United Kingdom with the certainty that he wasn't going to join his father's business, instead make his own roads.

Mr. Asgar Patel's one truck consignment for Glaxo in 1959 was the dawn of Patel Roadways Ltd (PRL). A clear cut vision and zest for success, drove Patel to transform PRL into one of the largest Logistics companies in Asia with 1000 Delivery Outlets complimented by a workforce of over 7500 people.

Creating One Brand was not enough for Asgar Patel. He was soon setting his sights beyond the boundaries of India. Astute diversification saw successful forays into the courier, air-freight, finance, foreign exchange and money remittance business.

With Mr. Asgar Patel at the helm, the House of Patels has burgeoned into a multi-million dollar conglomerate with a reputation for strong business values, quality services and unflagging corporate excellence.
"More than making money is that of creating Institutions and New Products", says Asgar Patel
Mr. Asgar S. Patel - Group Chairman